These images of the deadly Philippines volcano are unbelievable

Credit: Warren S Garcia/TomEHamilton

These images of the deadly Philippines volcano are unbelievable

If you’re a worldly or well-read sort, you’re probably aware that bloody ‘Straya isn’t the only place currently under threat of imminent destruction due to natural disaster. Yeah, nah, while the fires are raging here, the poor bloody Philippines is copping it from the Taal volcano. While it’s not popped its top at the time of writing, it’s bathing the place in deadly volcanic ash, and causing havoc. Obviously, that means people have been taking photos of it…

All right, so to give you a quick run-down, the Taal Volcano started spewing Ash fourteen kilometres into the air last week. If you know your history, that’s not a good thing. It usually comes before an explosion, and the ash is pretty f**ken deadly, even without the lava.

Credit: micluna

Credit: coffee_dante

Credit: happyandbusytravels

The Philippines Government is bricking it, and so are the locals. Their institute for volcanology and seismology are basically telling everyone to f**ken run and warning that an explosion could happen at any second.

Credit: Warren S Garcia

Credit: TomEHamilton

Credit: josep_merida

When it does, there’ll be f**ken boulders and s**t falling from the sky, not to mention the pyroclastic flow and the magma creeping towards villages. Still, you can’t discount the danger posed by the ash. It comes down so heavily, it can literally crush stuff, poison water supplies, choke the s**t out of people, and basically make a real nuisance of itself.

Credit: vdn_75

Credit: Domcar C Lagto

Credit: itsveratheexplorer

Just ask Joseph Michalski, the director of the Earth and Planetary Science division at the University of Hong Kong. He’s like, yeah, nah, “The ash is what will kill you, not the lava. The ash flow from an exploding volcano can travel hundreds of kilometers an hour.”

Credit: Domcar C Lagto

Credit: Mav Gonzales

Credit: happyandbusytravels

But, this is 2020 and bloody everyone has to stop and get a photo before they use their common sense and run. Which, in fairness, is how we’re able to bring you these images. Have a bloody squiz.

Credit: derrickquibael

Credit: randolfevan

Final thought: Look, we’re not saying don’t try to catch a photo of whatever’s about to cause you a painful death. Obviously, we want the photos. We’re just saying that you should make sure you have a getaway plan and time to Photoshop it. Blurry photos of your impending doom don’t do anyone any good. Just ask found footage movies.

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