Bus Hits Man At Full Speed, He Gets Straight Up And Walks Into A Pub

Bus Hits Man At Full Speed, He Gets Straight Up And Walks Into A Pub

This is bloody incredible: not only did the fella in this video have a miraculous escape, the absolute legend got straight up and walked into a pub!

53-year-old Simon Smith of Reading, England, was run over when an out-of-control bus veered onto the pavement and ploughed into him last Saturday.

Smith can be seen turning around just as the bus crashes into him. His head is thrown back by the impact and it shatters the buses windscreen. You’d think that sort of a collision would spell the end for Mr Smith but, like a goddamn superhero, moments later he was up, seemingly unharmed.

The CCTV footage shows him calmly wander into a bar before sitting down in the doorway where bystanders, including the bus driver, rush over to offer help.

About to enter destination fu*ked...

About to enter destination fu*ked…

Daniel Fraifeld, who co-owns the Purple Turtle bar, said: “I think he pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked.

“He got looked over and didn’t have any lasting injuries but he’s covered in scrapes and bruises. He then got released from the hospital and I think he just went for a pint to relax.”

Fair enough!

It's yet to be confirmed if Simon and Logan are related

It’s yet to be confirmed whether Simon and Logan are related

The cause of the crash is unknown but a Reading Buses spokesperson said the driver had been “taken off the road” while an investigation is carried out.

“We are obviously shocked by the incident as well as the very graphic footage,” the spokesperson added. “Thankfully, the pedestrian does not have any major injuries and there were no major injuries to passengers on the bus.

“We send our regrets to those affected, especially the pedestrian injured in the street, and hope that he is recovering from his injuries.”

I reckon Reading Buses owes Simon a couple of pints, at least…

I guess you don't need a helmet when your bones are adamantium-plated

I guess you don’t need a helmet when your bones are adamantium-plated