Ozzy Police release footage of UFO claiming “we are not alone”

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Righto, stop f**king about, don your tin-foil hats, cue the X-Files music and get ready to s**t your bloody pants. Extra-terrestrials are here. They’ve arrived. They’ve come to mutilate our f**ken cows, abduct our red...

Photographs of $220 million Chinese Titanic replica is starting to come together

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If Hollywood decided to reboot James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’, I’d shrug my shoulders and say... ‘That seems about bloody right’. But if someone was to rebuild the Titanic as an exact replica for a Chinese theme park, I’d ...

The bloke who made the glitter-bomb has now helped clean undrinkable water

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G’day, ya glorious f**kknuckles. We’d like to start this one off by saying we hope you're keeping your fluids up and that we hope you’ve got the freshest cleanest water available to you. The reason we say that is simp...

Bloke notices Eminem never smiles, so he photoshops him brilliantly

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Eminem is a famously intense mother**ker. That’s probably got a lot to do with his whole thing being that he’s a dude from the streets who’s conquered great adversity to reach cult status while still ‘keeping it real....

Boss of the year is given 8 hours to fire his entire staff, decides to help them instead

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By this stage, it’s pretty safe to assume that everyone reading this has had a sh**ty boss at one stage or another. Those b**tards are bloody ubiquitous. It doesn’t matter whether you work in retail, in trade, or in a...

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A Game Of Thrones “ice hotel” has opened and you can stay in it

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F**K YES! It’s almost Game of Thrones time again, and with the final series threatening to be the greatest finale anyone except GRR Martin could imagine, we’re starting to get a bit excited. That’s right, we’re fair d...

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White supremacist reacts on TV to DNA test confirming he is black

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If there’s one thing in life we all love, it’s a solid belly laugh. Have a think about the last time you absolutely pissed yourself laughing. What got you there? Was it a comedy movie? Was it a hilarious accident? A t...

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HBO drop the first Game Of Thrones trailer for season 8

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G’day, ya big bloody dickheads, we hope you’re feeling pumped, because we sure as hell are. That’s because it gives us great pleasure to ask you one simple question: have ya seen the teaser trailer for the new season ...

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Netflix leak reveals release date for Black Mirror season 5

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When it comes to modern science-fiction anthologies, not many do it better than Black Mirror. The show’s become one of Netflix’s best genre-offerings, and it appeals to people from all walks of life. Blending the soci...

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Netflix to feature “choose your own adventure” episode of Black Mirror

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Remember Choose Your Own Bloody Adventure Stories? We f**ken do. And make no mistake, they were the bloody tits! And, according to Netflix, it seems we’re not the only ones. The streaming TV giant has announced that s...

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Vegetarian dog embarrasses the f*ck out of his owner on live TV

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G’day, ya wankers, how are ya? Hopefully you’re doing bloody grouse, and if you’re not, this video should cheer you right up. It’s a supposedly vegetarian dog making a really tough choice: bowl of meat or bowl of vegg...