F#@*en hectic GTA style robbery on the streets of New York

F#@*en hectic GTA style robbery on the streets of New York

Mate, we don’t know about you lot, but we’ve played a fair bit of GTA over the years. Yeah, nah, deadset. For us, though, that was where the carjacking, the brazen robbery, and the f**ken violence stopped. Nah, we’ve fair dinkum never pulled that shit in real life. You know who has though, don’t you? The folks in this video. Check it the f**k out below…

All right, we’ve gotta be honest with you, when we first heard talk about this viral video doing the rounds, we were a bit like, ‘yeah, rightio, it can’t be that full-on.’ We were f**ken wronger than a dingo’s donger!

We don’t know if you’ve seen it, but it’s hectic as f**k. It starts with an SUV racing through the mean streets of New York like the driver’s running late for an appointment. Hot on its tails, a black Mercedes comes hooning after it.

Next thing you know, it’s a bloody vehicular fight night. The Mercedes makes like a billy-goat and goes the ram! The SUV spins around and makes a break for it, trying to get away, but it’s too slow. Nah, it might as well be running on molasses for all the good its attempt to flee does.

As you can imagine, the Mercedes hits it again! And then a bloke with a gun gets out! He f**ken smashes in the windows of the SUV, takes a bag of cash and gets the f**k out of town.

According to reports, the bag of cash contained 20,000 US dollarydoos. Naturally, people are saying that average folks don’t carry that much cash around, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide what was going on there.

Final thought: Yeah, f**k, this is bloody intense. If it was in a movie, you’d be on the edge of your seat, knowing it was some brazen bulls**t; in real life, it’s borderline insane. Give it a squiz and let us know what you reckon in the comments section.

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Video Link: LLN NYC