People are cleaning up the planet thanks to new viral hashtag #trashtag Internet challenge

Credit: @kelllvvviiinnn via Twitter

People are cleaning up the planet thanks to new viral hashtag #trashtag Internet challenge

Now that we’ve all gotten sick of chuckin’ cheese slices at babies, time for a new internet challenge mates! This one is the Trash Challenge and it’s been gaining traction over on Twitter recently. It’s something ya can feel good about rather than wastin’ ya time flippin’ bottles or stressin’ about f**ken Momo.

It’s bloody simple. See crap on ground, pick up crap and dispose of correctly.

Take before and after photos of the area and post using #trashtag or #trashtagchallenge.

People from U.S, to Nepal, Norway and India are cleaning up areas where dirty pigs have left their garbage behind, staining the environment like a skiddy in ya jocks.

Check out some of theses #trashtag posts:


Just 1 hours work, bloody legend. Credit: @4tpn via Reddit


The state of this beach in Manila for f**cks sake, what a bloody disgrace…

Credit: @alex_lavigne via Reddit

Lookin’ a treat now though!


Credit: @alex_lavigne via Reddit

And this bloke, cool as a f**ken cucumber after his clean up effort. Lookin’ more like a pin-up model doin’ advertising for the local dump.

Credit: @Baxxo25 via Reddit


Now I’m sure some smart bugger is gonna point out that all this rubbish is just gonna end up in landfill anyway, and I get it. The point is that garbage is suppose to be at the f**ken tip. Plus I don’t wanna swim in someone else’s filth the next time I take a dip down at Bondi.

Speakin’ of waterways, check out “Large Marge the Garbage Barge” haha.

Bloody Good Effort – Credit: Reddit


Credit: @buttsaginton10 via Reddit

Credit: @buttsaginton10 via Reddit

With every internet challenge there’s always gonna be a couple of funny blokes takin’ the p**s and that’s alright by me!

And these blokes, deadset legends in my book, good onya’s!

I’m gonna leave ya with this image, taken from a Mumbai beach in India. 500 volunteers workin’ together and gettin’ s**t done. What a massive effort.

If these blokes can achieve that, surely you can pick up a couple empty stubbies from the car park at your local yeah?

Final Thought: It doesn’t happen that often, but sometimes the internet gets it right. We have some bloody lovely spots here in Oz that have been skanked up by dirty c**ts leavin’ their crap behind after enjoyin’ a couple snags and a beer at public camping ground. Bloody rivers full of plastic ruinin’ me fishing and what-not. Straya is the best country in the world, lets look after it ya mugs. Get behind it #trashtag #trashtagchallenge

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