Coronavirus conspiracy theorists are burning down 5G towers in Pommyland

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Coronavirus conspiracy theorists are burning down 5G towers in Pommyland

We reckon you blokes and sheilas are all big enough and ugly enough to know that whenever there’s s**t going down on planet Earth, the bloody crackpots come out of their hidey-holes and start spouting absolutely bonkers bulls**t. This time, they’re out there making claims about 5G towers and the spread of the Coronavirus. Yeah, nah, we wish we were s**tting you, but it’s true. And people who believe it are now sabotaging the technology…

We’re gonna start off here and make a pretty obvious claim. 5G towers aren’t spreading Coronavirus. We’ll repeat that. 5G towers are not spreading Coronavirus.

You wouldn’t think you need to say it, but you know, some people think the earth is flat, Michael Jackson was innocent and Donald Trump is God’s chosen one, so…

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Despite this, people in the UK have been setting fire to the towers, and the timing coincides with bloody conspiracy theorists dribbling s**t online and on the radio. Now, we’re not gonna go into great detail on the theories here because, seriously, why would we?

Credit: Facebook/5G Tower Fire Comp

We will, though, give you an example. Watch the video below where a bloke’s trying to do his job installing 5G. In it, you’ll see a sheila harass him because he’s going to ‘kill everyone.’ Fair dinkum. She even says, “You know when they turn this on, it’s going to kill everyone and that’s why they’re building the hospitals?” There’s a whole lot of crazy in there, but we’ll let you suss it out for yourself.

One of the theories is that when the virus appeared in Wuhan, it came right after the installation of 5G towers. Yeah, obviously, the actual scientists aren’t saying this, and many have pointed to Iraq and Japan – both countries were hit hard by the virus, yet neither has 5G towers.

Credit: Facebook/Martin McCaffrey

Another sheila was on a radio station, claiming to be a registered nurse, and she reckoned the towers were sucking the oxygen out of people’s lungs. She also spread the idea that there’s a link between the virus and the towers. “I have never seen a patient be walking along, doing their own thing, and suddenly fall over because they’ve got pneumonia. It just doesn’t happen. However, it does happen with 5G.”

Since that s**t’s been circulating on Facebook, the towers have become targets for arson, and telecoms engineers have become targets for abuse. The head of the NHS in England, Stephen Powis, has had to say, “I’m absolutely outraged and disgusted that people would be taking action against the infrastructure we need to tackle this emergency.”

Credit: SnapperSK

Credit: SnapperSK

Some are calling on social media platforms to shut down the talk. In the meantime, the police have launched investigations.

Credit: SnapperSK

Final thought: There’s really not much you can do with this except shake your head and ridicule people who are sharing the information online. Still, we guess it’s less racist than some of the bulls**t we’ve been seeing. Just remember, if someone you know is sharing this stuff, shun them. If there’s one thing we want in the future, it’s even faster internet.

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