Australia’s richest person is mad at the lack of places she can moor her Super Yacht

Credit: AAP

Australia’s richest person is mad at the lack of places she can moor her Super Yacht

Life can be bloody tough for some people. Yeah, nah, no matter how you live some things in life just give you the s**ts and make you feel like the world is out to get you. You might not be able to find affordable accommodation, you might be out of work, and you might just be running short of places to moor your superyacht. Just ask Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart.

One of the things we reckon everyone needs in life is perspective. No matter where you live, what your background is, and just how much money you earn, a little bit of perspective can keep you grounded and stop you getting caught up in the small aspects of life.

Unfortunately not everyone has it. And don’t get us wrong, we understand that when life’s good, you find yourself getting worked up by small things that baffle other people. Which is why we reckon this story is proof that Gina Rinehart, Australia’s most wealthy person, has it pretty f**ken good.

In a recent luncheon for planners of Brisbane’s 2032 Commonwealth games, Rinehart sent a video message, pleading for places to moor her yacht. “It’s time for more marinas large enough to cater, not only for small and medium yachts, but larger ones too,” she said.

The reason she was so worked up about it was that she’d been stuck in rough seas as she travelled between the beautiful Capricorn Coast and the equally as beautiful Gold Coast on QLD’s southern border. Yeah, nah, she’s doing it tough!

“We’ve just experienced days of very rough water from the southern Queensland border to the Capricorn Coast,” she reckoned. “Then when we arrived at the coast not feeling that great after two very rough sleepless nights and a rough day. Many yachts were outside the marinas given the lack of marinas.”

She went on to say, “Let’s not forget superyachts that may want to visit from overseas, bringing passengers who would want to spend in Australia. These superyachts need marinas too – sadly lacking for vessels over 50m.”

Must be a tough life she lives.

Final thought: We’ve gotta admit that we can’t really empathise with her. Don’t get us wrong, we know what it’s like not to be able to get a car-park. We’re not sure if that’s better or worse than not finding somewhere to moor your massive f**ken yacht, but we’d hate to find out. It sounds horrible.

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