Here are the winners of Canada’s annual hair-freezing contest!

Credit: Frozen Hair Contest

Here are the winners of Canada’s annual hair-freezing contest!

When it comes to rocking a styling look, there are loads of ways to get there. For those of you who are still lucky enough to have a full head of hair, it turns out that freezing your do is just as effective – if not more so – as styling it the old-fashioned way. Yeah, nah, in the Canadian hair freezing contest, competitors use the Takhini hot spring and the cold weather to style their hair and hope for a $2000 prize!

Before we just go in and talk about the winners of the prize, we want to talk about the competition itself for a little while. Here in Oz, we’re pretty well-known for our glorious weather. That doesn’t mean we’re not a big country and our climate doesn’t vary, but in terms of ‘proper’ cold, this kind of thing is a bit beyond us.

Best Male Credit: Frozen Hair Contest

So when we see it online, we naturally a feel a bit awed. Deadset, the fact that it’s possible to jump into a hot spring and then let the cold weather freeze your hair in place is pretty shmick – and it’s not even something that belongs in Something About Mary. Yeah, nah, it’s not jizz.

Best Female Credit: Frozen Hair Contest

According to the Daily Mail, the competition is held at the Takhini Hot Springs and it sees entrants take a dip in the springs before styling their hair and letting it freeze.

Most Creative Credit: Frozen Hair Contest

One of the judges, Andrew Umbrich, reckons this year’s comp was the biggest yet. “Last year we had four categories each worth $750, this year we had five categories each worth $2,000. Everything changed this year when we got Tim Hortons and Nongshim – an instant noodle company from Korea – to sponsor us.

Best group. Credit: Frozen Hair Contest

“We developed a website just for the contest, offered better prize money, and then the people came out and really tried hard to compete and win. We had a solid 50 entries this year that we considered for winners. Normally, we had 50 entries or less and had to pick from a few good ones.”

People’s Choice. Credit: Frozen Hair Contest

Final thought: This s**t might be a bit tricky for our Aussie fans, but if you’re living somewhere cold, we reckon you should get out in the yard and give this one a go. Once you’re done, load your effort into the comments section!

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