Twitter’s been roasting us Aussies for our way of speaking and it stings

Twitter’s been roasting us Aussies for our way of speaking and it stings

Yeah, nah, there’s no doubt that we’ve got a f**ken mintox vernacular here in Oz and that we love to use it. Fair dinkum, if we’ve got something bonza to say, we just say it. After all, we’re not here to f**k spiders and there’s no point being quiet when we could be spewing out a deluge of colloquialism and ocker language that turns the air blue. But that’s not what this is about. Yeah, nah, read on to find out why we’re feeling a bit attacked…

All right, when we f**ken heard that you c**ts in the rest of the world were having fun with the way we say things, we thought we’d be able to have a laugh, but we’re a bit nicked off, really. Yeah, nah, you’re not talking about our slang, you’re hanging s**t on our accents. Have a squiz at some of these posts to see what we mean.

And look, before we go on, we’re not really miffed. Nah, we f**ken loved this. Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t hang s**t on anyone’s accents because we’re not b**tards. And before you say anything, the Kiwi accent doesn’t count.

Nah, fair dinkum. Ask one of your Kiwi friends to say ‘fish and chips’ and try not to piss yourself laughing. But we digress. This isn’t about them right now, it’s about us. And you’re not wrong. Some of us have pretty broad accents and that makes us say things in a pretty unique way.

And you know what, some of these comments are f**ken gold. Deadset, we bloody loved this, and we know exactly what vowels to hang onto next time we go across the pond.

See you then, you big legends!

Final thought: Yeah, deadset, giving us s**t pretty much makes us your best friend. Here in Oz, we bloody roast anyone we like, and it can be pretty good fun. So, if you wanna come into the comments section and throw some banter at us, f**ken go ahead. We’re ready, ya b**tards!

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