Woolly Mammoth-infused cells show f***en signs of biological activity after 28,000 years

Credit: Kindai University/Siberian Times

Woolly Mammoth-infused cells show f***en signs of biological activity after 28,000 years

G’day ya big woolly mammoth loving mother**kers. How ya doing? Hopefully, the answer to that question is ‘bloody grouse!’ If it’s not, we’ve got something that’ll cheer you right the f**k up. A while back, we told you all about the scientists trying to bring big bloody woolly mammoths back to Siberia, right? Well, you’d better f**ken brace yourself, because they’ve just moved a step closer to making it a reality. Nah, yeah, that Jurassic Park ‘nature finds a way’ s**t actually seems spot on.

Apparently, the scientists working on this are cautiously optimistic about their chances of bringing the extinct prehistoric species back to life. That’s because, for the first time, they’ve actually seen some biological activity in some mammoth infused cells. That’s both f**ken awesome and incredibly scary.

Yuka. Credit: Kindai University

Scientists from Kindai University in Japan have reported their findings in the journal Scientific Reports. It turns out that one of the mammoths they pulled out of the Siberian permafrost, Yuka, was pretty well preserved and they’ve been able to extract cells from her that came to bloody life once they put them in the right conditions.

Cells moving. Kindai University

After working their science magic, the eggheads working on this one noticed that the cells started to display signs of activity. Although, they’ve still got a long way – and probably several prehistoric zombie attacks – to go, this is a big step forward for the scientists working on the case.

Kei Miyamoto, the study author from the Department of Genetic Engineering at Kindai University said the research was “A significant step toward bringing mammoths back from the dead. We want to move our study forward to the stage of cell division,” he added, but “we still have a long way to go.”

Siberian Times

Final thought: The sooner they get this s**t done the better. The way we’re going there’ll be no snow left for them to be woolly in.

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