Two Drunk Assholes Run Riot In Chinese Restaurant, Hero Steps In And Deals To Them

Two Drunk Assholes Run Riot In Chinese Restaurant, Hero Steps In And Deals To Them

“Fight fire with fire” has to be one of the stupidest sayings going around – it makes absolutely no sense and the only way it could have caught on in the first place is if it was uttered by some powerful individual and nobody had the balls to tell him, “I think you mean ‘fight fire with water,’ ya daft c*nt.”

So, the saying has stuck and nowadays it is voiced with astounding frequency. Personally, I’ve never had the urge to invoke it; I favour the less common but more sensical “Fire with water” variation, which is apt for this particular video.

In it, two drunken assh*les are in the middle of destroying a Chinese restaurant. One of them kicks things off by throwing a couple of chairs and then attacks a female member of staff like the brave f*cking guy he is.

What a reasonable human being...

What a reasonable human being…

Then, all of a sudden a hero wanders into the restaurant and proceeds to dump a waterfall of justice all over their pathetic little fire of hatred. He starts by grabbing the chair thrower, who is about to let another one fly, and wrestling him to the ground.

He's clearly cape-less but he's still a bloody hero in my book...

He’s clearly cape-less but he’s still a bloody hero in my book…

Drunken assh*le #2 then walks into shot and starts trying to bash our hero. Hero attempts to talk him out of scrapping but he’s having none of it and just starts throwing lazy looking punches as his friend joins in.

With little other option at his disposal, Hero (I’ve just started calling him ‘Hero’ as I don’t know his bloody name) drops them both with a couple of stiff jabs.


#1 is out cold but #2 appears keen to take the fight to the ground. That doesn’t last for long, however, once Hero pops him with a couple more crisp punches. The video ends with these two fools trying to get back to their feet and, no doubt, wondering what the f*ck just happened.


That’s how ya fight fire with water!