Bloke discovers he is in a Tinder date nightmare when boyfriend arrives at front door

Bloke discovers he is in a Tinder date nightmare when boyfriend arrives at front door

It’s no bloody secret that Tinder – and other websites like it – have revolutionised the way we date in the modern world. No longer do you have to settle for whichever down and desperate losers are left in the bar at the end of the night. Nope, you can go straight to the source and untap a wealth of bats**t craziness with just a few swipes of your phone. Obviously, some people prosper as a result. But then there are stories like this dude’s…

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A bloke who goes by the handle of IllmaticWeeknd on Reddit recently shared a story that saw him s**tting broken glass after he went to hook up with a girl he’d been chatting to on Tinder. As he tells it:

Credit: Reddit

“I get talking to this girl on tinder and she lives about 45 minutes away but we are seriously clicking and this girl is just stunning so i couldn’t believe my luck, after a week or so of nonstop talking we arrange to meet up her ways which I’m happy to drive to, the whole way up there I’m on the phone to my friend saying things along the lines of “this could be the one” or “I’m glad I finally found someone I’m so sick of being single.”

As you can see, it’s all pretty normal up to this point. They even meet at a neutral location, but it’s pretty standard. And then she invites him back home.

Credit: Reddit

“So this is where it starts going wrong, her phone keeps ringing and ringing and She just turns it over and ignores it which I don’t think much of well not until we start hearing knocks on the front door and she really starts panicking, she stops doing what she’s doing and says “I have to tell you something”



“By this point, he is literally calling her name up through her bedroom window trying to get her to come open the door so I ask her “what do you want me to do?” To which she responds with shoving me in her bathroom and telling me to dash out when I hear them go into the bedroom, and I’m really not looking for trouble and I’m caught super off guard so I just go oblige as a good sideman does.

Anyway, I throw my clothes back on, hide in the bathroom, take a video for my friends on snapchat of me running out the house and block her on everything. That was the last time I dated and tinder was deleted immediately after. Can’t win them all hey..

Credit: Reddit

You can check out his video here:

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Final thought: There are a lot of questions here. Was the boyfriend already suss on his sheila? Did she have some elaborate plan to get rid of him? We don’t understand people like that, but it seems to be the way of the world. What are your thoughts? Post ‘em in the Facebook comments section.

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