Incredible infrared pictures taken from space show how badly Australia is burning

Credit: Reuters/NASA/AP

Incredible infrared pictures taken from space show how badly Australia is burning

We’re sure you’ll forgive us for harping on about the bloody fires right now, and we really don’t mean to spam the f**k out of your Facey feed, it’s just that, you know, things are a bit s**t here at the moment. We keep trying to show you things that we reckon will give you some clue of the extent of things, but it’s all subjective. What we’ve got here today, though, might do the trick. Satellite images that show you the fires can be seen from outer space.

At the same time, we’re gonna hit you with some footage of fireys doing battle with a hectic f**ken fire that, really, they’ve no business trying to stop. Don’t get us wrong, we f**ken love those guys and the idea that they’re gonna try to save that property makes them true f**ken heroes, but they shouldn’t be in this position. Our country’s combustible as f**k. How does it come to this?

A Google map showing active fires burning at one time. Credit: Google

So, yeah, let’s talk about those poor c**ts in the video, and intersperse some satellite images through our conversation. It’s hard to see how many of them there are, but they’ve got a hose. Coming through the forest towards them is a towering f**ken inferno that’s gonna be sucking the oxygen out of the area, and growing in power as it comes closer and closer.

East of Orbost – Victoria. Credit: Reuters

You can see they’re giving it their all, but they may as well be pissing in the wind. It’s like trying to fight a bloody dragon with a toothpick. And then, just for s**ts and giggles, the spotfires kick off.

East of Orbost – Victoria. Credit: Reuters

And just have a look at the speed with which the conflagration moves around them. That forestry’s probably chockers with eucalypts and s**t that are gonna f**ken explode as they heat up, sending burning seeds and debris further from the original fire – and with everything so dry, it’s a bloody recipe for disaster.

Kosciuszko National Park – New South Wales. Credit: Reuters

East of Orbost – Victoria. Credit: Reuters

Now here’s the really bad bit. Most of those poor f**kers are volunteers out there doing what they can. No s**t.

3 fires burning near Sydney on January 3. Credit: NASA ISS/AP

4 fires burning near Sydney on January 4. Credit: NASA ISS/AP

Final thought: We’ve not got much to say here, except for the obvious. These guys need all the help they can get, and they’re relying on donations. If you can, f**ken help out. Don’t feel obligated, just do what you can. Do it for the people, do it for the critters, do it for the fireys who risk their bloody lives. Karma’s a f**ken lovely bugger if you’re a good bloke or sheila!


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