Kid filmed abusing supermarket staff gets dragged by his old man

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Kid filmed abusing supermarket staff gets dragged by his old man

If you ask anyone over a certain age, they’ll tell you that the youth of today are no bloody good. They’ll probably tell you that the parents are to blame and that if they only handed out a little discipline, the world would be a better place. To be fair, when you see videos of little brats acting out like the one you’re gonna see below, it’s easy to understand why you’d think that. But, for the record, we reckon most of the kids are okay. And when you’ve got dads who aren’t going to cop their little s**ts being, well, little s**ts, there’s hope for the rest.

Anyway, as we said, we fair dinkum reckon most of the kids are gonna be f**ken fine. The ones currently causing a ruckus aren’t exactly a new thing. Deadset, if you think back to your own youth, we’re sure you caused a bit of chaos.

Credit: twitter/riddikuluspost

Still, despite all that, the little s**ts in this video, definitely deserve a good solid grounding, six weeks with no PlayStation and a metaphorical kick up the arse. We’ll let you have a watch and make your own judgements, though, don’t worry.

Now, let’s talk about Dad. If you ever had your olds force you to apologise, you’ll know what this s**t feels like. Sure, you could probably argue that Dad’s just trying to save face, but the fact is he’s seen fit enough to administer some discipline. And plenty of parents don’t.

Credit: twitter/riddikuluspost

Once he saw the debacle on Facebook, Dad grabbed the kid and took him back to the local Asda. He even had it filmed and posted the apology to Facebook, saying this was the kid’s public apology to Asda staff and that he’d ‘never been more disgusted and mortified’ by his child.

“Just to let you all know, the police have been notified and evidence has been sent – it is now over to them to decide what they wish to do. Also the police were notified at the first point of call when he was not back from his daily exercise. Both myself and my wife take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. I just want to point out for those who blame the parents this is not, and I repeat not, how we have brought him up. This video is a public apology to all the members of staff and public at Asda yesterday.””

Credit: Facebook

Final thought: We want to know what you lot make of this one. Is this discipline enough? Should the kid have been put to work in the store? Should he be grounded for life? What would you do? Let us know in the comments section.

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