People share the most awesome acts of kindness they’ve experienced from strangers

People share the most awesome acts of kindness they’ve experienced from strangers

No matter your station in life, there’s just no denying that a random act of kindness is right up there with the best things you can possibly experience. And, no, we’re not talking about charity here, we’re talking about completely out of the blue moments of kindness that some total stranger offers to you, simply because they feel like it’s the right thing to do.

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Recently, Nicole Cliffe, a TV and magazine writer, asked her friends on Twitter to share random acts of kindness they’d experienced. Despite the fact we all feel like the world’s getting a little bit colder and a little bit more cynical every year, there were bloody tonnes of responses.

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Some of this stuff is seriously bloody heart-warming. Quite often, the people involved are really in their hour of need, and to have a bloody stranger just come along and help them out – with no expectation of reward in mind – is f**ken bonza.

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Deadset, these things run the f**ken gamut from help in times of severe depression to rescue from the worst kind of harm. On top of that, helping out strangers who are too f**ken tanked to look after themselves really is the work of top blokes, legends and awesome c**ts everywhere.

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Have a go at that one from the bloke who gave up his plane ticket. That’s some seriously above and beyond s**t. We don’t even reckon Mother Theresa would have done that. Fair dinkum, all of these kind bloody Samaritans, deserve a round of applause.

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What a pack of f**ken legends.

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Final thought: Have a look at the sheer joy these randos have felt thanks to someone’s random act of kindness. Take it upon yourself to pass it forward. If you’ve got the opportunity to offer a hand to someone in a time of need, f**ken do it. Also, let us know when someone’s offered you a random act of kindness in the comments.

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