When Ya Hubby Wishes He Was Somewhere Else

When Ya Hubby Wishes He Was Somewhere Else

I’m gonna start off by asking each and every one of you to acknowledge we’re all a little fucken odd in our own ways. Right? Cheers.

Secondly, I’m gonna say that although commentary is tempting for this video, I don’t wanna instigate any bullying in the general direction of this saucy couple. We’re all adults here. We can watch this video in its purest form and quietly each learn a few things from it. Then get on with our lives.

Now that’s the social responsibility clause done…

This video is honestly pretty damn funny. The sheila is doing her thing and oi yeah nah yeah all power to her.

But, ah, I don’t think hubby is really into it ey. Possibly stoned as fuck as well. Either way, he’s out of it and that’s what makes it hilarious viewing in my humble opinion.

I have more thoughts about what we can learn from this piece of performance art. I’ll share the thoughts after you’re up to speed. Video below:

I believe this contemporary dance will be an important staple in history.

Here’s why…

Whenever a sheila tries to get me to dance against my will – if it’s at a wedding, a house party, a bar, privately – I now have a powerful retort in the form of this video.

I can simply whip out the link and say “here are my thoughts on this entire situation that’s currently unfolding. Thanks in advance.”

Within 30 seconds of viewing this vid she should have enough doubt in her mind about how we’ll look to call off the whole operation. I win. The rest of the night we get to do things my way, which essentially involves sitting for 8-10 hours and drinking like Val Kilmer in Tombstone. Done. Fucken top night that.

This video is a Public Service ladies and gents.

This couple are the heroes Earth deserves, but not the ones they need right now.