These photos of the unseen side of things will change the way you see the world

Credit: buffaloesafterdark/malgoya

These photos of the unseen side of things will change the way you see the world

It’s probably a pretty fair statement to say that the world runs on a need to know basis. If you don’t actually need to know something for your career, your interests or your general wellbeing, you probably don’t know it. The knock-on effect of that is that most folks don’t quite understand how everything works – or even how everything looks. Because we take s**t at face value, we might not understand that there’s so much more to something than meets the eye. Let these photos change that…

Credit: mdgholson

Let’s start with something you probably haven’t seen in detail before: the inside of an air mattress. That’s some trippy s**t, right? Almost like the sort effects you might see if an old B-Grade Sci-Fi flick was taking you inside some alien caverns.


Credit: robonrenovations

If you’ve ever walked on a heated floor, it might not have occurred to you that this is what’s underneath. It almost looks like the back of your bloody windscreen, right?

Credit: doctor_recommended

Did you even know a real tumbleweed was a thing? We thought they were just movie props. Turns out they’re a live plant. This is one of them in its youth. Who knows, you might be looking at the future star of a western movie.

Credit: fair use policy

The blood vessels in a human hand. That’s some pretty impressive s**t. It makes sense, but who knew they were so comprehensively spaced out?

Credit: OsamaBinBob

Look at this beautiful home before it’s painted. Nah, just f**ken with ya. It’s the inside of a guitar. Apparently. It has to be a simulation, but. A real one would have loads of guitar picks inside it.


An upside-down lily pad. That’s actually a thing of beauty. Nature is a f**ken top notch engineer.

Credit: FrozenFoodGuy

A whale’s blowhole. I dunno about you, but I had no idea it looked like nostrils. Does that mean it has boogers too? It kinda has to, doesn’t it? F**k, does it mean they can sneeze out of their blowhole? The mysteries of the cetaceans never cease.

Credit: derschwigg

The very peak of Mt Everest. It’s a shame that it’s actually just a big f**ken dump. Look at that s**t. Also, it’s supposedly covered in real human s**t. F**ken humans, man. Talk about destroying the majesty. You’d have to be disappointed to get to the top and see that. Sure, you’d never admit it, but we know. Talk about illusion-shattering.

Credit: buffaloesafterdark

One of life’s greatest mysteries: the back of a bowling alley.

Credit: malgoya

This is f**ken cheating, right? Surely this can’t be real! We have to have seen this happening if it is. We call shenanigans!

Credit: bucsboy246

And last but not least, here’s what a f**ken space shuttle looks like leaving our atmosphere. Crikey!

Final thought: If there’s one thing we can take from this it’s that you should probably take the opportunity to open that door, turn over that leaf and let your curiosity lead you where it may. You might just discover something new – and you may even enlighten yourself. That, mates, is what life’s about.

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