The world’s scariest f**ken roller coaster has just opened

Credit: Canada's Wonderland

The world’s scariest f**ken roller coaster has just opened

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s pretty f**ken tough to get over a love of rollercoasters. These big bloody marvels are pretty f**ken awesome feats of engineering. They exist only to provide s**tloads of fun to millions of people, they travel faster than a wallaby with a wrinkle in its wanger, and theme parks all over the bloody globe strive to outdo each other with bigger, better and faster machines. With that info rolling around in your spud, check out this bewdy…

It’s called the Yukon Striker and you’ll find it in bloody Canadia.

You know, the place with the mounties, maple syrup and millions of blokes and blokettes who wish you’d stop mistaking ‘em for yanks.

It’s a bloody dive rollercoaster, and that means it features sections that are straight vertical drops.

Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

If you can only imagine what that’s like, check out the bloody video down below.

S**t, if you know you’re never gonna get there, crank your pedestal fan up, stick it in your face and watch this video on full-screen. Just make sure you smile for the camera!

Anyway, Norm Pirtovshek, the GM of Canada’s Wonderland reckons, “At its summit, you’ll experience three seconds of complete exhilaration as you stare directly down 245 feet (75 metres) at 90 degrees into an underwater tunnel.” That’s probably longer than a root takes for some of you blokes, so bloody get on that already!

Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

Of course, what you really want to know is just how big this thing is? Well, it’s 1,105m long and 75m high. Over three minutes, those of who you get to ride this like a second-hand bike, will experience four inversions and a 360-degree loop in about three and a half minutes.

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Get to the bloody video already.

Credit: Canada’s Wonderland

Final thought: This looks bloody rad. Hopefully, this bad boy sparks the desire to build another big ride here in Ozzyland.

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Video Link: Canada’s Wonderland