Some of the coolest sh*t found at random

Some of the coolest sh*t found at random

Who doesn’t love finding bloody cool sh*t at random. You know, like when you put your hand in your pocket and find ten bucks you didn’t know you had? Or when you lift the couch seat and find that biro you’ve been looking for? As you can tell, we’re not real good at finding stuff here at Ozzy Man Reviews. Yeah, nah, when you compare us to the legends in these photos, you have to say we suck at it. These blokes and blokettes, though? Well, they f**ken rock. Check ‘em out…

Credit: naes10941

Could the story here really be as simple as a farmer just shooting off some rounds near the corn-patch? I mean, a place like that with all its tall stalks to muffle the sound of murder and all the nutritious blood to feed that corn? Just saying…

Credit: liyjg

This sh*t’s just terrifically heart-warming. Reading it, you can almost hear the hundreds of people deciding that’s how they’d like to spend their after-life. Good on Old Mate for doing the right thing with it too. Geez, dudes who do the right thing are f**ken awesome.

Credit: gap343

Here’s a second message in a bottle. We were gonna say it might be Sting’s, but apparently (which means it could be bullsh*t), it says:

The message is from 1924. I’m pretty sure this is what it says: Hugh Craggs, Yacht St George RTYC Any finder please enclose message bearing date, name of finder, of ship, destination, and send a postcard to Hugh Craggs 50 Ruskin Ave Manor Park London E. 12 The part on the left says: Buried at the foot of post office bay, post office barrel, Floreana Island, Galapagos, Aug 1st 1924

Credit: eggnoodlericecakes

Old-school calculator. Now when your folks tell you they didn’t have phones and sh*t to do their maths for them, you can call ’em on their filthy, filthy lies.

Credit: PM_me_your_NYC_nudes

A carved quarter of George Washington getting blazed.

Credit: outrider567

This dude found a wad of quartz worth $4 million. What the f**k!

Credit: dawoooo

Old school condoms that some desperate bloke never got to use. These are apparently 60 years old.  Poor b*stard.

Credit: rockyroo529

Squid eggs inside a seashell. Kinda cool. Kinda creepy. Kinda symbolic of the coming end-times.

Credit: ZUELK

This is why you don’t want to be buried in a pet semetery. F**ken plants grow out of your eyeballs and sh*t.

Credit: KleverKlem

I’ve reason to believe that’s an egg-shell breaker. Looks like a cenobite’s cock-ring, but apparently (which as you know means bullsh*t), it’s an egg-shell breaker.

Credit: Jbaker0024

Lucky f**ker found a seven-leaf clover.

Credit: JordanToner

How’s this poor fella? His book’s been missing so long, he’s probably still on detention. Someone find that man!

Final thought: We all know that finding sh*t is cool. The trick is knowing what you can keep and what should be returned to its rightful owner. Get that balance right, and you are a scholar and a gentleman (or a gentle-sheila) if that’s how you identify.

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