A bunch of times people broke something and found a secret inside

Credit: Isshunngo/Theultravisitor

A bunch of times people broke something and found a secret inside

One of the unfortunate aspects of life is breaking s**t. Yeah, nah, unless you’re Limp Bizkit and you need some material for a hit song, breaking stuff sucks arse. Well, most of the time. Every now and then, you break s**t and find something even cooler inside. Like a fortune cookie. Matter of fact, have a look at the insides of these broken objects and think of them as kinda f**ked-up versions of fortune cookies…

Yeah, nah, sometimes what you get when you crack something open isn’t what you’d expect. Whether it’s there because of a gnarly bit of recycling, a clever surprise, or a nice little joke from its manufacturer, you can never be certain.

Credit: prolonginginevitable

Have a look at this cheeky little surprise for starters. Inside the portly-looking exercise pig is a f**ken buff one, proving to everyone that nah, yeah, the better you is hiding beneath the surface.

Credit: TheWackyProphet

It’s a f**ken ghosthand reaching for a golf ball. The only explanation for this is that someone was midway through a portal when they realised they teleported into a solid object. F**ken bummer!

Credit: jpellizzi

Have a squiz at the sad cactus living inside this happy one. What’s the moral here? Is it that deep inside, we’re all depressed as f**k? Maybe.

Credit: Theultravisitor

F**ken recycling for the win. Love this!

Credit: Pit_Mosh

Yeah, that looks like a pretty miserable f**ken egg. We don’t know how it got there and we don’t really want to. After all, we really can’t imagine a chicken being trapped in there.

Credit: Isshungo

This is clearly a Russian die.

Credit: Dklem80

This old tree-stump was once used for target practice. You’ve gotta be honest, it’s pretty f**ken cool. You just have to hope that whoever’s cutting through the trees doesn’t come across a live one.

Credit: M. Elsevier Stokmans, Jan van Esch

This one’s clearly the best of them all. This buddhist monk statue actually contains the bones of a real life monk.

Credit: sansonmr

We’re not sure how this happened, but we had no idea that guitar-playing pigs lived that deep inside frogs.

Credit: bookfancier69

This is always an interesting thing to look at. We guess that it’sjust a nice way to recycle, but you’d have to be a bit bummed to get the 8-ball.

Credit: cosmic_owl2893

Looking at this, it’s clear that our life is a lie. Who’d have thought a manufacturing company would pass off a cheaper product as its own?

Credit: SummerSerenity

Something beautiful to finish on here. An opalised ammonite shell. If you wear it around your neck, it gives you the power to make hippies pass the duchy and tap out a mad rhythm on the bongoes. Give it a whirl.

Final Thought: We reckon you should take this as your daily reminder to practice a little empathy in life. Sometimes, you might be struggling to understand someone. Just remember that you can’t always know what they’re carrying inside. Don’t cut ‘em open to check or anything, but give ‘em a little compassion and understanding. They might be rolling critical misses below the surface. Or something like that.

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