Ghostbusters Fan Fixes The Shitty Trailer

Ghostbusters Fan Fixes The Shitty Trailer

There’s been a lot of grumpiness towards the Ghostbusters 2016 Official Trailer.

What are my thoughts on it? Yeah nah it’s not the best trailer. I’ll hold out for the film before makin’ my complete judgement on whether or not this reboot was a waste of time.

The thing is… It should be a decent film. It’s a proven concept via the success of the old films, the director Paul Feig is great, and the cast is talented. Melissa McCarthy was mint in Spy last year (also written and directed by Paul Feig that flick).

I reckon the trailer that was released seemed to make the film look like a generic cash grab reboot.

It also felt like it was trying a bit hard in some way…whether it’s trying hard for approval from the public for an all sheila cast, or trying hard to get folks excited by a remake in general… I dunno, it just felt…try hardy.

Have a look at the official trailer first if you haven’t seen it. OFFICIAL TRAILER:

That official trailer currently has 237,000+ dislikes.

It’s not the best feedback for a film studio to receive.

One Ghostbusters fan has decided not to rant and ramble about why they reckon the trailer is shitty in the YouTube comments, instead… Bevan Bell cut his own version to speak for itself.

Check out the difference. FAN REMIX:

It seems a lot more comfortable in its own skin, yeah?

I mean, he’s gutted it, it’s a “teaser” trailer opposed to an official 2-minute trailer, but it works.

Let’s wait and see if Sony makes Bevan Bell disappear for messin’ with their shit. I hope not. Great work!