Kylo Ren Outtakes Remix Is Bloody Hilarious

Kylo Ren Outtakes Remix Is Bloody Hilarious

I’m lovin’ the work that gets done over on the auralnauts YouTube channel.

In their latest remix/mashup they’ve sensationally fucked with Kylo Ren’s dialogue.

They’re fair dinkum poets I tell ya.

Instead of Kylo banging on about parental issues, power, and control over the rebels etc. he now bangs on about which hair product his colleagues use. He’s just a curious guy.

He still has some major anger issues when folks try to give him feedback on his mask, though.

Super duper funny video is below:

I hope the draconian company that is Disney doesn’t bring down the copyright smack on their arses.

We’ve lost Sad Affleck to a worldwide block on YouTube as it hit 22 mil views.

Depressing times on YouTube, but I hope remixes and parody like this continue to cut through the overly controlling state of copyright these days. Just plough through it. Bash and crash. Do it.

Bloody ripper auralnauts!