Football Fans cause Earthquake after return of their team and Metallica’s ENTER SANDMAN

Credit: Twitter

Football Fans cause Earthquake after return of their team and Metallica’s ENTER SANDMAN

F**k, we’ve already spoken about the bloody joy of having fans in football stadiums in another recent article, but there’s an awful lot of joy to go around and we’re not done yet. Yeah, nah, the tennis isn’t the only event inviting fans back into the bleachers, and with that said, it’s certainly not the rowdiest. Nah, that mantle might go to the gridiron fans who caused a f**ken earthquake in Virginia over the weekend. Check it out…

Rightio, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re not the most knowledgeable when it comes to the gridiron and all of its various divisions and leagues. What we do know, though, is that the fans f**ken love it.

What we also know is that most people f**ken love Metallica’s Enter Sandman, and when Virginia Tech walks out to the anthemic hit, Virginia Tech fans go apes**t.

Needless to say, that’s exactly what happened when fans returned to the stadium for the contest between Virginia Tech and North Carolina. As you can see in the footage above, they are rocking out when the opening riffs of the Metallica classic play over the loudspeakers. When the team runs on, s**t goes ballistic.

Yeah, nah, whether you’re a Metallica fan or not, you’ve gotta recognise the power of this song. F**k, even if you’re an old-school Metallica fan who’d rather Ride the Lightning, And Justice For All or Master of Puppets, you’ve gotta know that this song grabs people by the short and curlies.

When you combine that with the joy of seeing their team back in the stadium, 65,000 screaming fans, copious amounts of beer, and the thrill of enjoying it all on a beautiful day, the result is a f**ken earthquake.

Deadset, the next day, RedditCFB released a seismograph image captured of seismic activity the night before. It’s pretty easy to pinpoint the moment when Enter Sandman played.

Good s**t. Yeah, nah, good s**t indeed.

Final thought: F**k, we’re loving these stories. There’s just nothing better than a day out, and when you combine the atmosphere of live sports with cold beer and heavy f**ken metal, you’re hard-pressed to find anything better on earth. F**k yes, Virginia Tech. F**k yes, Metallica. F**k yes.

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