A bunch of mind boggling sh*t that looks completely like other sh*t

Credit: ethan_kahn/alexadlynn

A bunch of mind boggling sh*t that looks completely like other sh*t

As you’re probably aware, the world’s a bloody bewdiful place that’s choc-a-block with mysteries, puzzles and f**ken mind-benders. Amongst all that, we’re often forced to wonder exactly what something is – particularly if it looks like something else. In some cases, s**t looks so much like something else, our brains will fair dinkum trick us into thinking that’s exactly what it is. To give you a really f**ken good idea of that, check out these photos and try to figure out exactly what you’re looking at…

Credit: mrashtail

Let’s start with one that’s bound to f**k you up. This image right here features one of two things: a falling feather on a lovely clear day or a f**ken cloud. Give yourself ten seconds to figure it out, then read on. If you said, ‘You can’t fool me, ya drongo. That’s a feather!’ You’d be wronger than a dingo’s donger. It’s a bloody cloud!

Credit: lucao_87

F**ken dinosaurs! Mini dinosaurs, but dinosaurs nonetheless! F**ken woot! Ah, wait, hang on. Whaddaya mean they’re actually coatis? That’s bulls**t!

Credit: ethan_kahn

Clearly a watercolour painting of a haunted forest. Perhaps even the cover of a prog-metal album, right? F**ken wrong! That’s a close-up of the blood vessels in a human eye!

Credit: SigmaNukem

All right, smartarses, what do ya reckon about this one? Is it a frozen puddle or is it a f**ken landscape shot of a polar reserve? Give yourself a high five if you voted for puddle!

Credit: alexadlynn

The eye of Sauron is f**ken everywhere these days. Even in ice!

Credit: Luke-Skywalk

Either this tap has become corroded in the most awesome way or someone’s drawn a map on it. You decide.

Credit: lubyanchenko

F**Ken UFO. Deadset, that’s one’s easy. There’s no way it’s a…you’re f**ken kidding. A stadium in the fog? F**k you, brain.

Credit: Sjokade

You’d be forgiven for looking at that and seeing a nice painting. It’s actually a great shot through a window. F**ken grouse!

Credit: sunnyCr

Finally, is this one a hole in the ground or a bale of hay? You decide!

Final thought: We’re big fans of this kinda s**t here at Ozzy man Reviews. So, if you’ve got some pictures of your own s**t that looks like other s**t, you know what to do: post a pic in the f**ken comments section and give us a squiz!

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