Check out this awesome mailman’s tactic to stop thieves

Check out this awesome mailman’s tactic to stop thieves

We’ve seen a fair few stories lately where thieves have targeted the mail. In particular, these dodgy buggers like to steal packages from outside the front of people’s houses. We all know it’s a d*ck move, even if there are procedures in place to help track the mail. Which is all well and good if the owner is supposed to sign for the box. The reality is that if you don’t, most posties will just leave it out the front in the easiest and most visible place. Fortunately, this guy is not ‘most posties’.

Rightio, ya big legends, let’s break this down. First of all, you’ve got the mailman coming by, but you can’t be home. Now, the chances are the bloke’s just gonna do his job, make sure you can see where he leaves the delivery and move on with his life.

Credit: Phil Bass

This bloke, though, he’s pretty conscious of thieves. Being able to talk to the owners through the intercom may also have given him the idea to add the human touch, but as you can see, he’s pretty genuinely concerned that people don’t pinch this box.

That may be because Uncle Mike, the apparent sender, specialises in firearm accessories. While it might not have actual firearms inside, there’s a good chance it’s got some cool sh*t that you wouldn’t want pinched.

Credit: Phil Bass

“I’m taking this back to the office,” he says. “It’s from your Uncle Michael.”

However, it’s also possible that old mate isn’t aware of Uncle Mike and what they sell. It’s hard to tell whether he’s just trying to help these people out by making sure they don’t have to travel to pick up the box, or whether he genuinely thinks it’s from their Uncle Mike, but either way, it’s a pretty cool move.

“Usually I don’t leave stuff at the front if it’s not from a store. Would you let me put it inside the recycling bin?”

From there, you can see how it all pans out, and to be fair, it’s smooth-as-f**k.

Credit: Phil Bass

Final thought: You’ve gotta love a conscientious operator. These days, we’re often blown away by apathy. Having a bloke look after you and make sure everything’s hunky dory is a pretty awesome touch. What a top bloke.

Good Guy Mailman from Phil Bass on Vimeo.

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