A bunch of things people didn’t know what the f*** they were, solved by the Internet

A bunch of things people didn’t know what the f*** they were, solved by the Internet

No matter how bloody smart we think we are, there’s just no comparison for the combined knowledge of a hive-mind or a team of bloody awesome people. Just for the sake of it, think about all the people you’ve met or spoken to in the last year and the various things they all know. S**t, even your mates and their weird bloody interests all add up to a metric s**t-tonne of knowledge. To prove it, here’s a bunch of s**t people identified in zero seconds flat online…

Found This White Fuzzy Thing In My Basement, Mother Freaked Out. What Is This Thing? Credit: idrinkoxygen

There’s really nothing worse than finding something and not knowing what the f**k it is. You want to know, but you’re just not sure. Thankfully, there’s a place you can go to find out exactly what that strange f**king object you’ve discovered is. Bloody Reddit.

Saw This Natural Phenomenon Near My Home. What Is This Thing? Credit: varunpotter

I Found This Little Guy Under A Stair In A Parking Garage At The Mall. The Clothing Is Made Out Of Thread And His Hair Is Made By What Seems Like Glue Dipped Into Dirt. What Is This Thing? Credit: zbunny

Found This In House I’m Tearing Apart In A Book Like Someone Wanted To Keep Them Don’t Think It’s Real Money Credit: zangoku

My Sister Found This When Cleaning Out A Fish. This Was In The Mouth And There Was A Smaller One In The Stomach. Anyone Know What It Is ?
Credit: oJHzgUHu

Fair dinkum, their What is this thing subreddit has nearly 900,000 members. All of whom know what some random pieces of s**t are. When you combine their ability to identify that s**t, you’ve got a bloody superpower on your hands.

Grandmother Received This From Her Friend After His Death. Nobody At The Senior’s Center She Lives At Knows What It Is. What Is This Thing? Credit: wetbutter

This Belonged To My Great Grandfather. What Is This Thing?
Credit: Reverend_Mikey

We’re not just talking about everyday s**t that you’re dumb arse couldn’t identify either. We’re not even talking about the sort of s**t you might be able to run a Google photo search on. Yeah, nah, we’re talking all sorts of obscure and rare s**t. We’re even talking about s**t that might require specialised knowledge.

Went Exploring In White Sands, New Mexico And Found An… Object. What Is This Thing? Credit: xopethx

My Girlfriend Found These In Her Dinner? Are They Seeds? Credit: GrandpaSquarepants

Anyway, have a f**ken squiz at a few of these random as f**k objects and marvel at the combined brain power of heaps of know-it-all mother**kers.

I Found This Jammed In My Front Door Lock, It’s About 1.5” Long. What Is This Thing? Credit: TheNinjaJedi

What is the point of such a device? Credit: SkorGaming

Bathroom Coat Hangers That Can Move Up Or Down. Why Would You Want Them Downward? Credit: Jason_Whorees

Final thought: There’s no bloody doubt that this is a prime example of what us humans can achieve when we work together. People of all creeds and colours know what random things are, and because they want to help each other, they do. Imagine if the whole world wanted to solve problems like climate change or hunger. Imagine.

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