Botched eyebrow makeover leaves sheila looking like an angry bird

Credit: Triangle News/Rovio

Botched eyebrow makeover leaves sheila looking like an angry bird

Man, you know we love to give everyone a fair go here at Ozzy Man Reviews. We’re proud of that, and we know that it’s important to give people due respect and understand that some things are out of their control. Deadset, there’s always a reason to explain the how and why of what people do that might make them look a bit funny to others. Having said that, sometimes you’ve just gotta shake your head and admit that s**t’s actually quite funny despite the underlying backstory.

This is one of those stories. Poor old Colline Rees of Llanelli in South Wales was all bloody geared up to go on holiday with the fam-bam when she decided to get her eyebrows done.

Credit: Rovio

Obviously, that turned out to be a monumental mistake.

The trainee eyebrow sheila didn’t just make Colline look like a flaming galah, she friggen broke her. Deadset, have a look at some of these pics and try not to snigger.

Obviously, there was some real emotional pain for Colline at the time – after all, no one wants to look like they’re about to smash through three planks of timber in hope of squashing a pig – so we just want to say that we acknowledge that.

Luckily, though, it all worked out for the best. And that leaves us free to enjoy the photos. Obviously, the beauty industry’s a bloody massive one and sheilas love getting their face done, but everyone’s got to learn. While they are, you just have to hope shopkeepers don’t let them near real people until they’re ready. Keeping that in mind, here’s Colline’s version of events…

Credit: Triangle News

“I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” she reckons. “All my close friends and family were saying I look like something out of the Angry Birds game. If someone else looked like that, you’d do a double take. I was devastated.”

As you might expect, she questioned the staff member: “I said to the girl, ‘Are you kidding me, is this a joke?’” And that led to another beautician stepping in to ‘fix’ things for Colline. As you can tell, though, that only led to a classic comedic plot-twist. Things got worse and when she was done, Colline looked in the mirror to see what she could only describe as ‘two black slugs.’

When she finally got home, right before she was supposed to go on holiday, she posted a desperate plea for help on Facebook. A make-up artist friend came to her rescue and showed her how to fix it up a bit. It wasn’t perfect, but it helped. Still, Colline’s been left pretty bloody wary of eyebrow salons.

Credit: Triangle News

Can you blame her?

Final thought: As we said, despite the frustration Colline felt at the time, this is hopefully something she’ll look back on and grin about. After all, it could have been worse; they could have given her a monobrow, right?

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