The Best of Ozzy Man Reviews 2016

The Best of Ozzy Man Reviews 2016

Okey dokey pig in a pokey. 2016 is coming to a close at lightning speed. Each day whizzes by and I remember by 5pm I haven’t even started the bloody Xmas shopping yet. Yeah nah nah nah nah nah yeah I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it.

You may have noticed I’ve been in hibernation a little bit this week. Don’t panic. No one panic. Stop panicking! Ok, I’m good. If you didn’t notice then that’s no worries. I don’t care. I’m not offended. Anyway, I was scurrying away behind the scenes putting together something I’ve had on me mind for the last month.

Drum roll… A best of 2016 commentary video! Kapow! Applause! Pandemonium! F*ck yeah!

I’ve commentated and critically analysed over 200 videos in the last two years, so this “best of” includes some 2015 work. None the less, 2016 has been fair dinkum prolific. I segued into working full-time on Ozzy Man from January. It’s kinda rewarding to have survived for the year. I’ll need a cheeky self-congratulatory beer in a second I reckon.

It’s been fun sifting through all my work in the last week and trying to coherently edit a longer form story together… Yeah nah it’s chaotic and sporadic as an edit, but there’s a bit of bloody structure. I hope ya like it. It may also double up as a cool video to show friends and family you wish to introduce to my shenanigans.

Have a watch. Video below you top blokes and sheilas.

There ya have it!

Here’s the URL to the teespring campaign:

Besides the odd 10-20 minute livestream I think that’s the longest ozzy man video to date. Wall-to-wall ozzy man! A one stop shop for a quick hit of all that I do.

I’m looking forward to seeing what lands on my desk in 2017. Every week is a new week to be honest. Crikey. Every day is a new day. I have no idea what’s going to happen each morning I wake up in my little beddy bed.

A huge thanks to everyone who is new to my community or who has been a part of it for a long time. Without the enthusiasm and feedback from you guys I simply wouldn’t continue doing this. I hope I make it look effortless like a pro, but truth is that it’s a lot of work, hardest I’ve ever worked on anything really. I try to bring laughter to your life, but you bring so much to MY life too. Sincerely, I’m humbled and thankful I’ve been able to connect with so many folks.

I’m not humbled and thankful towards my kidney stone, though. My surgery up the wee hole is taking place on Tuesday. Please put out positive vibes for my penis.


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