Roy “Big Country” Nelson Proves You Don’t Need A 6 Pack And Guns To Fight

Roy “Big Country” Nelson Proves You Don’t Need A 6 Pack And Guns To Fight

This guy is the man… Yep, he’s the fighter whose physique I admire the most. Roy “Big Country” Nelson looks like he just got up off the couch after a big bender and said “Who am I fighting today?”

However, despite his size, Nelson also has incredible conditioning and is a straight up beast from top position and knows how to control his foe without expending energy.

Nelson eats what he wants, when he wants, wears oversized T-shirts, has a beard and 100 percent loves himself despite being a “fat guy” in a sport full of muscle. If he can help some of his fans feel better about themselves, all the better.


“My biggest thing is I want to be me,” Nelson told ESPN in the past. “I always thought the best part about sports was the bigger, faster kids who were supposed to be more athletic than me — I always beat.”

“I have a different fight philosophy than everyone else. You create your own opportunities by being yourself.”


“There are athletes out there trying to get every advantage they can, including things like muscle and low-fat percentages. I feel if I’m the better fighter, I’m the better fighter. If you paid me $2 million, I’m sure I could lose my belly. But I don’t get paid to look a certain way. I get paid to win fights. That’s what I concentrate on.”

Check out his highlights here:

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