Armoured truck spills money onto freeway, sparking cash grabbing frenzy

Credit: Overload/Twitter

Armoured truck spills money onto freeway, sparking cash grabbing frenzy

Bloody money! We’re always told it doesn’t grow on trees. We’re always told it doesn’t just fall from the sky. We’re always told it never just lands in your lap. Universal truths, though, are made to be proven wrong – that’s why we love this bonza story! An armoured truck dropped money all over a San Diego freeway. Predictably, the people who were there at the time were on that s**t like f**ken vultures. Check it out!

According to reports online, the truck had a bit of a situation last week, launching bags of cash all over the road, leaving bystanders and nearby motorists to seize their opportunity. Yeah, nah, they carped their diem like proper opportunists, and the internet came alive with viral videos of legends grabbing their surprise payloads.

California Highway Patrol Sergeant Curtis Martin had a bit of a yarn to The San Diego Union-Tribune and he reckons one of the truck’s back doors came flying open on the highway and a few bags of cash tumbled out the back. “One of the bags broke apart, and there was cash all over the lanes,” he said.

As you can imagine, plenty of people scooped up the cash as if it was left there by MrBeast and cleared the f**k out, but when two silly bloody sausages locked themselves out of their car, they didn’t know they day was gonna go from bad to worse. When the coppers got there, they bloody arrested ‘em. Yeah, nah. F**ken slapped ‘em in irons, they did!

That left another copper, Jim Bettencourt, to state that “If you stop to pick up money, as many people as videoed the scene, you can possibly be facing charges,” he said.

As a result, plenty more returned their ill-gotten gains to the copshop that afternoon. That said, nearly a million bucks fell out of the truck, and it’s unknown just how much of it has been returned.

Final thought: So yeah, there you have it: sometimes many does just f**ken come your way. All we can guess is that everyone who’s gotten away with their score had some good karma coming their way too. F**k yes, karma. F**k yes!

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