Ozzy Man Reviews: KSI vs Logan Paul 2

Ozzy Man Reviews: KSI vs Logan Paul 2

Well, there we go people, the rematch fight between KSI and Logan Paul happened. It is definitely a thing that happened and some of you at least gave a few s**ts and f***s about it. You don’t wanna admit it, you think it’s cheesy, you think it’s a cash grab, you think it’s shameless attention seeking, and that’s bloody fine. To a degree it is all of those things…but it was also an entertaining scrap! MY COMMENTARY VIDEO is at the bottom btw. 

I personally enjoyed last year’s one a lot more. There was a vision behind it in terms of the distribution and live-streaming to YouTube and the undercard fights were also fun as f**k.

Anyway, this rematch was intent on being more “mainstream” this time around, so besides no brain protection that also means less accessibility to the product and that’s where Ozzy Man starts to get pissy (e.g. viewing on Sky Sports cable, or downloading a third party app, signing up for a subscription service, remembering to cancel it etc.). I wonder if that meant less casually interested people found the whole thing too much effort to care about and didn’t show up to stream it this year. The YouTube streaming method was so efficient and quick last year.

I’ve enjoyed and loved the vision of YouTube Boxing and the event as a whole seems to have moved away from that for some reason, before it ever really hit its stride…just two matches streamed to YouTube and now a change in structure.

BUT F**K IT! Let’s get away from the criticism of baffling draconian distribution models in 2019 and appreciate the sportsmanship at the end of the day.

These d***heads worked hard!

As much as I enjoy satirising and taking the piss out of the whole thing no one can deny that these blokes wanted smash each other’s brains in.

I appreciate that.

I appreciate the dedication.

Love ’em or hate ’em, it doesn’t matter, it was a solid scrap so well done champs!

F***en group hug everyone.

Okay, I’ll let my commentary do the rest of the talking. This is a work of Fair Use/Fair Dealing – parody, satire, review, commentary (HA! see if that sticks):