Here’s the most common s**t Aussies have been asking Alexa

Credit: Amazon

Here’s the most common s**t Aussies have been asking Alexa

If you’re anything like most of the world, you probably know that Amazon’s Alexa Home devices are becoming pretty bloody common. Yeah, nah, the days of worrying about whether big-tech is listening to you are long gone. The surveillance is in our homes and we love it. Funnily enough, though, it turns out that people are frequently asking Alexa to do some pretty strange things. Check out the list below…

All right, if you’re not entirely sure what Alexa is, we’ll let you Google it for all the intimate details, but basically it’s a voice-activated speaker that’s connected to the internet, and it can answer plenty of your requests and demands in real time.

Credit: Amazon

Now that the technology is celebrating the third anniversary of its arrival in Australia, Amazon has released some stats telling us exactly what Australians are asking their Alexa.

Aside from a few predictable entries, the list turns out to be a little bit amusing. Yeah, nah, people are asking to be insulted, they’re asking Alexa to fart and burp, and they’ve been asking it to speak like a dog or a Pikachu.


Let’s have a squiz at some of these:

  • 48 per cent of people ask Alexa for the news and weather
  • Aussies ask to be insulted by Alexa four times more than they ask to be complimented
  • Requests for Pikachu talk grew by 270% this year
  • The most requested song was Tones & I’s Dance Monkey

According to Digital Trends, though, there’s more you should be asking Alexa:

  • Ask Alexa to “meow”. Just like barking, Alexa can also make cat noises to confuse your pets.
  • Alexa can “cluck like a chicken”
  • “Alexa, who is the voice of Alexa?” – if you went to get really meta.
  • “How much do you weigh/how tall are you?” You can get personal, Alexa won’t mind.
  • “Alexa, do you know Siri?” Loaded question.
  • “Alexa, roll a die” – this is helpful if you’re playing a game
  • Chewbacca Chat activates Alexa’s Chewie voice.
  • Tell Alexa to “blow up” and see what happens
  • You can speak to Alexa in movie prompts, too. Try, “Alexa, I am your father.”
  • Did you also know Alexa can live translate into other languages? Very useful.

Credit: Amazon

So there you have it. If you’re not getting freaky enough with your own Alexa, you can step your game up with some of these ideas.

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we’ll keep the final thought simple today. We’re wondering what you cheeky buggers are asking the technology to do. If you’re brave, let us know in the comments section.

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