Scientists have investigated the weird reason Flake chocolate bars will not melt

Scientists have investigated the weird reason Flake chocolate bars will not melt

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that on a hot day, your choccy bar is gonna melt. Yeah, nah, in summer, that s**t’s a nightmare in warm climates. You think you’re about to chow down on your lunchtime snack when all of a sudden you find out it’s now a drink. Mostly. Yeah, it fair dinkum turns out that buying a Cadbury Flake might solve that problem. Check it out…

All right, we’ll admit that when we first heard this, we thought, yeah nah, that’s bulls**t.

Apparently, though, it’s not. Nah, it’s fair dinkum gospel.

Credit: Thompson STEM Engagement

The theory was put to the test by the Thompson STEM Engagement YouTube channel. According to presenter Tony Thompson, they wanted to ‘investigate the weird super-power.’

To make that happen, they ran a few simple comparisons. Obviously, we’re not gonna detail the whole lot here for you because it’s in the video, but we’ve gotta say that we’re f**ken shocked by this news.

Credit: Thompson STEM Engagement

Despite placing it in a bain-marie, a microwave, a frying pan, and eventually blasting it with a blowtorch, they couldn’t melt the f**ker. And look, for clarity’s sake, it will burn, but it won’t f**ken melt.

According to Science Focus, that’s because the manufacturing process of the Flake is a bit different to most Cadbury chocolates. Apparently, its ingredients are all f**ked up and the fat isn’t able to lubricate the cocoa particles to the point where they flow.

Credit: Thompson STEM Engagement

So yeah, now you know. If it’s a f**ken scorcher and you’re hankering for a choccy bar, go for a flake. It won’t melt on you.

Final thought: Yeah, we’ve gotta admit we’re surprised by this. What other little factoids have you f**kers got about common foods that we might not be aware of? Share ‘em in the comments section. See you there!

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Video Link: Thompson STEM Engagement