No Bullshit.


I have a YouTube channel with lots of videos reviewing film, tv and other shit that requires criticism. I'm also prolific on Facebook. I can be found on the bloody Tumblr, Twitter, and Snapchat as well. 

I'm very contactable and approachable. 

I've rushed this site up because I wanna do some written blog stuff too. Maybe me mate Mozza will chime in occasionally. We are damn fine wordsmiths. 


I want my site to be simple like SirIan Mckellen's. 


Ozzy Man


Ozzy Man the Unworried, Breaker of Copyrights, Redeemer of Dornish Showmen, Chief of the Face Book and the Swan River Clans, Wanker of Books, Sire of the Thunderscythe and Scourge of Foxtel. -- Murphy on Facebook

Holy Crap. -- Liz on YouTube

It must be fun inside your head Ozzy Man. So glad you get to share some of it with the world :) -- Classy Midget on YouTube

When will the Game of Thrones Season 3 reviews be finished? -- Everyone