Woman Loses Her Sh*t Playing Zombie VR Game

Woman Loses Her Sh*t Playing Zombie VR Game

I enjoy zombies as much as the next man or woman or animal.

Whether it’s in gaming, film, TV, or books the genre will never get old or boring for me.

This VR zombie game The Brookhaven Experiments looks pretty neat as a virtual reality shooter.

Although I’m still working my way through Zombie Highway on mobile, I do plan to get back into more complex gaming later in the year or next year.

Anyhow, the entertainment factor is not so much in this game itself. It’s in the sheilas reactions to the game.

She’s not shy of shaking and panicking as the undead close in on her. Video below:

It’s actually amazing she managed to get the amount of kills she did with such a shaky hand.

You need to try stay as calm as possible in a zombie outbreak. This is known. This was not bloody calm at all.

Unfortunately, it’s a no from me…

This sheila will not be on my apocalypse team.

She’ll have to fight solo or join forces with more efficient killers that can look out for. Sorry, I’m a harsh bastard in apocalyptic times. It’s Rick Grimes that’s made me this way.