Two Drunk Guys Gamble With Their Lives On A 2,000 Foot High Cliff

Two Drunk Guys Gamble With Their Lives On A 2,000 Foot High Cliff


Moments before... (Credit: India Express)

Moments before… (Credit: India Express)

Two men have fallen 2,000 feet to their deaths after playing silly buggers atop a cliff with a skinful of piss in them.

Amboli Ghat in Maharashtra, India is home to the Kawale Saad picnic point. That’s where these guys were. And as you’ll see when you watch the video, the weather is not exactly pleasant. Notice that there’s a fence there. There’s a reason for that as you’ll soon find out.

It has to be said that when the weather’s good the view is probably mint. It overlooks a valley which is 2,000 feet deep.   You don’t just fall from that height, you plummet. Like a stone.

Anyway, along come our two victims. They’re having a good time. They’re laughing, they’re hugging, they’re straddling the fence. What? Yes, they’re straddling the f***ing fence! And that’s where the video comes in.

Usually, when you see a big bloody drop like that you think, yeah don’t get too close. Probs not a good idea.

Defs not a good idea... (Credit: India Times)

Defs not a good idea… (Credit: India Times)

Not these blokes though. They’re like, f*** yes, that looks like a great place to sit.

Thankfully though they make it down safely. Their mates are laughing. They should be saying, now move away from the edge you wankers but they clearly don’t expect bad things could happen to them.

No one really expects bad things to happen to them. Certainly not drunk guys when they’re cavorting above a 2,000 foot drop into Destination F***ed.

After a quick swim they’re back on the bloody fence!  JUST STAY AWAY!!!

This time they do make a decision though. And it’s not a very good one. They’re on the other side. It’s wet, it’s misty, it’s more slippery than a second-hand car salesman.  It’s not a very good decision at all.

Seriously, don’t buggerise about when you’re on the top of a cliff. Don’t sit on the fence, don’t cross the fence, don’t go near the f***ing fence. It’s a bad way to go.

Not a nice way to go... (Credit: India Times)

Not a nice way to go… (Credit: India Times)

Our thoughts are with the families of these two men.

H/T India Times