Photo showing Russian soldiers allegedly trapped in elevator by Ukrainian civilians

Credit: Twitter

Photo showing Russian soldiers allegedly trapped in elevator by Ukrainian civilians

As you know, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the big news lately. In fact, it’s been such big news, that it’s the first war to be given the tag of ‘the TikTok war’. It’s kinda obvious why this has happened, but it makes for interesting discussion. Take this photo of Russian soldiers for example. Apparently, the silly buggers were too lazy to take the stairs and found themselves trapped in the elevator by the building’s administration. Check it out…

All right, we’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to this sort of s**t, there’s really no telling whether it’s fair dinkum or whether it’s complete bollocks. Yeah, nah, it’s not verified, and it seems a little far-fetched, but we’re not security experts, we’re just your friendly local Ozzy Man Reviews team.

With that said, have a go at these silly c**ts. Yeah, nah, we mean it. This seems so schoolboy that it just can’t be right. If this was the sort of thing that happened in a video game, you wouldn’t believe it. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of info coming out suggesting that the Russian troops aren’t particularly well trained.

Anyway, as you can see, the image claims, “A team of Russian soldiers wanted to use the elevator to reach the roof of an office building. The Ukrainian administration of the building trapped them inside by cutting off the electricity. The Ukrainians also used an industrial camera to take this commemorative photo.”

On the face of it, it looks real enough, but by the same token, you’d have to think that if these heavily armed soldiers actually were trapped there, they’d be gasping for air by now. Or worse. Yeah, nah, it’s not nice to think about, but we’ve all played games and seen movies. It’s pretty clear what would probably happen if they were really trapped there.

Despite all that, it has gone viral, and people are loving it. Give it a gander.

Final thought: Once you’ve had a squiz let us know whether you reckon this one’s stretching the truth or whether it’s fair dinkum and deadset legit. See you in the comments section.

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