Redditors share the biggest ‘OH HELL NO’ moments that made them leave their partners

Redditors share the biggest ‘OH HELL NO’ moments that made them leave their partners

F**ken relationships can be a whirlwind. Yeah, nah, when they’re good they’re great, but when s**t goes wrong, or when someone reveals their true colours, they can be pretty bloody nasty. That’s why it’s great to read that it can always be worse. Yeah, we’re not gonna lie, these stories help us realise that it’s great to treasure your loving relationships and, hopefully, inspire those of you in s**t ones to cut ‘em loose.

All right, there won’t be tonnes of talk from us in this one, but we’ve gotta say that what you’re gonna read here runs the gamut. In some cases, you’re looking at people reflecting on their nadir, their lowest moments. If that’s you, talk to your friends and family. Get help. That s**t’s important, and you’re loved!

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On other occasions, what you’re seeing is people realising that they’re dealing with a creep, a selfish asshole, a controlling b**ch, or just someone whose true colours are all gross and off-putting. Again, realise that relationships work best with mutual respect. We’re not experts, but you know if you’re getting that or not.

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Sometimes in here, you’re also seeing ultimatums. For us, we always think the best example of how you should deal with an ultimatum comes from the Simpsons. When Otto is given the choice between his wedding or his music, he chooses his music. F**ken legend!

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Finally, what we’ll say is here is something we always say. Your life is best when you’re an active participant in it. S**t can happen, but you can always try to escape it. You can always wipe it off. If you’re in the s**t in your relationship, choose you, choose happiness, choose what’s best for your life.

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Final thought: Yeah, nah, we pretty much summed up there already. Treasure the loved ones who love you. That s**t’s important. See ya next time, legends!

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