Teen jailed after buying PS4 for $10 by scanning it as “fruit” at self-checkout, twice

Teen jailed after buying PS4 for $10 by scanning it as “fruit” at self-checkout, twice

Bloody hell, this story really highlights the fact that some blokes are just born with the ability to rort the system and come up with some sketchy-as-f**k methods to score themselves a bloody bargain. Deadset, have a look at how this cheeky little French wanker, Adel, scored a PlayStation for less than twenty bucks.

All right, you know as well as I do that the self-service checkouts practically invite you to benefit from the odd five-finger discount. Not that we’d do it here at Ozzy Man Reviews. We’re just saying the temptation is there, that’s all. Of course, for us, the temptation usually stops at, ‘Hmm, maybe if I weigh these macadamia nuts as peanuts, I’ll save a few dollars.’

He took one of these. Credit: Fair Use

F**ken Adel though, he reckons that kind of s**t is small bananas. The nineteen year-old larrikin fair dinkum weighed a PlayStation on the fruit-scale, whacked a sticker for 9 euro on it and got the f**k out of there with his prize in tow.

Now, we’re not saying we condone this, we’re just saying it’s ballsy, it’s brazen and it’s bolder than a breakfast boner. You know what the little bugger did from there, though? He sold the bloody thing for a hundred bucks so he could get a bus ticket home to Nice.

Through one of these. Credit: Fair Use

Oh, and he came back the next day. Yes, yes, fair dinkum, he returned to the scene of the crime. His hamartia, his fatal flaw, his final f**k-up was to try it all again the next day. This time, security caught the little prick. And, er, yeah, nah, he didn’t have to pay for a bus-ride home this time. Nah, he was chauffeur-driven to the bloody cop-shop.

While he didn’t deign to show up for the hearing, he was sentenced to four months in prison. We’re not sure that’s the best idea. He’ll learn whole new ways to stash and carry things in there.

In the French town of Montbeliard. Credit: Fair Use

Final thought: Look, you’ve got to admire the plucky young lad’s confidence, that’s only fair. At the same time, you’ve got to temper that admiration with a solid head-shake. Trying the same trick in the same place? Not cool, dude. Not cool.

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