People are demanding that the 2032 Olympic mascot is Brisbane’s bin-chicken, the Ibis!

Credit: Body and Soul/ABC

People are demanding that the 2032 Olympic mascot is Brisbane’s bin-chicken, the Ibis!

Rightio, ya big bloody bewdiful b**tards, we’ve been pretty quiet about it, but we’re pretty f**ken stoked that Australia’s just secured its third Olympic games. Yeah, nah, as you probably heard, they’re going to be held in Brisbane in 2032, and we reckon that’s f**ken grouse. Brisbane’s a bloody great city with a f**ken spectacular climate. Of course, there are different reasons for different people to get excited and quite a few have already turned their attention to the mascot.

Obviously, the mascot has to be something that represents the country hosting the event, and in Australia, that’s often our wildlife. So, the question is just which animal should be selected. Those of you who live overseas are probably thinking about animals like koalas and kangaroos, but here in Oz, there are calls for one of our most ubiquitous avian creatures to be given the nod: the humble white ibis.

Of course, when you hear ‘ibis’ you might think they’re Egyptian, but they’re not. They’re a native species, and they are f**ken everywhere. Yeah, nah, they strut around Brisbane like they own the joint. They are an animal that has adapted somewhat perfectly to our urban environment, and that’s led to their colloquial name…

Us locals don’t call them white ibises. Nah, f**k that, we call them bin chickens. As you can imagine, that’s because they’re often seen sitting on bins, pulling scraps out and making a big f**ken mess. Yeah, they bloody love it.

But, those calling for the bin chicken to get some recognition have a point. You’re gonna see a lot of ‘em in Brisbane, and they could really do with a bit of PR.

Final thought: Yeah, look, bin chickens certainly weren’t the first critters we thought of when we thought about mascots, but we can’t deny it’d be a fitting nomination. After all, they will no doubt be one of the most frequently seen creatures during the games, so why not give them the nod?

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