Sheilas Touch Vagina And Clutch At Straws As To Why They’re Touching Vagina

Sheilas Touch Vagina And Clutch At Straws As To Why They’re Touching Vagina

Look, I’ve seen these types of videos popping up on a regular basis (Lesbians Touch Penis, Gay Men Touch Boobs etc) and to be honest…they’re quite ripe for having the piss taken out of them. I’ll critically analyse in a written format for today so deal with it wankers.

I’m not out to start a flame war with the YouTube channel behind ’em, no way, but it could be funny to make video reviews in future… Because I don’t think the purpose of these videos is coherent at all. I’m not anti-ambiguity, I just like to know if there’s a point to something beyond savvy marketing for $$.

Call me cranky and old fashioned but I don’t think there’s anything revolutionary go’in on in these videos.

They offer thought-provoking and intellectual questions within an awkward setting at most. The headline of my article sums up the taste left in my mouth I s’pose.

I think so many folks are attracted to the videos out of plain old curiosity. Beyond that, there just seems like a bunch of verbal gymnastics going on in regards to their existence.

Don’t get me wrong, I endorse curiosity, I love curiosity, I kind just wanna watch curiosity in its pure form without getting engulfed by bullshit. Video embedded below:

So is the message that we should all be nudists? I’m sure there’s pros and cons to that.

Is the message that when you’re touching genitals it’s not always sexual?

Is the message to show your genitals to other people…just ’cause? Will showing your genitals to others help you be comfortable with yours?

Oh, oh, oh nah I got it. Is the message that gynaecologists play an important role in society?

This is like Fine Brothers Adults Only or some shit.

Anyway, I’m sure curiosity got ya here, and maybe you can find a meaning out of this that works for you personally. I got nothin’ really.

I’m intrigued to see if this concept of folks with various sexual orientations touching each other has enough fuel in its tank to go on.

Seriously, will the concept need to one-up itself to continue to be profitable? Maybe include a hodgepodge of living creatures? Future episodes include Transvestite Kangaroos Touch Zebra Buttholes For First Time, Dwarf Bi-Sexual Humans Touch Straight Elephants Penises For First Time, and Formerly “Straight” Married Men Who Realised They Were Gay Or Unsure Touch Elderly Goldfish Vaginas For Second (Maybe Third Time).

Yeah nah I’m getting carried away.