Scientists have successfully reversed time in a quantum computer

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Scientists have successfully reversed time in a quantum computer

Considering some of the dodgy s**t that goes on in the world today, there are probably a few people who wish they could turn back the clock and have another crack at a few things in their lives. And why not, this scenario always turns out so well in fiction. Anyway, f**king about with time itself, long the domain of scientists who drive fully sick DeLoreans is actually something practiced by real scientists too. And apparently, in a pretty narrowly defined set of borders they can do it…

Rightio, ya big legends. Have a think about something in your life you’d want to reverse. It might be that time you called your teacher Mum. It might be that time you trod in dogs**t on the way to your hot date. We don’t know what your particular moment is but have a think about it.

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Now that you’ve done that, realise that the latest science on the matter says there’s probably f**k-all chance of it ever happening. We know, we know, tell you something new, right? Okay, how about this? It turns out that scientists actually can reverse time in specific ways.

So, a team of international researchers – which is probably not as exciting as it sounds – joined forces to construct a time reversal program on a quantum computer. They wanted to see if they could get time to spontaneously reverse itself for one particle for just a fraction of a second.

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Now, time to fess up here. This is all pretty far above us – and again, it sounds like the kind of chat a team of international scientists might have when they pass the international dutchie to the left – but we do know they were successful. They tested whether it could happen in nature and in the lab.

In the lab, they were pretty successful with really small experiments, but whenever they tried to expand it, their findings were less accurate. In nature, they reckon there’s f**ken Buckley’s of it ever happening.

Will you ever be able to fix your past f**k-ups by reversing time itself? No. It seems that you’ll forever be known as the kid who cracked a boner in Maths. Sucks for you, Boner Boy.

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Final thought: There’s part of us that wants to apologise for the limited explanation of this s**t. So, if you do want to check it out, you can read the whole report on this site. It does a way better job than we can.

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