NYC Woman Goes Berserk And Tries To Blackmail Her Driver

NYC Woman Goes Berserk And Tries To Blackmail Her Driver

An Uber driver has refused to take a woman from the Bronx to her destination because she was Uber disrespectful to him (see what I did there). I don’t get why you would start disrespecting the person who is in charge of the vehicle that is in charge of getting you to your destination. However, this lass decides to go absolutely berserk, thinking that her course of action will convince the driver to finish the trip.

Well, he has the power, and he decides to stop and just let her out, thinking that will be the end of it. But in reality it’s just the beginning.


She goes fucken ape sh*t. She tells him to call the cops, says she will spit in his face, and even says that she will say that he has raped her and that he will go to jail. This of course strengthens his resolve and he refuses to budge. She then threatens physical violence and says she will violate him and the car.


All in all, she sounds like the passenger from hell. A woman constantly screaming in the back seat like a banshee that just wont leave. She starts asking him to call her man, as her phone battery is flat. At this point the driver smirks into the camera as he knows there’s really nothing she can do.


She then starts pleading passerby’s to call the cops for her, and they can tell that she appears psychotic and they just ignore her. She decides to empty her drink inside the car and finally decides to leave. It’s only when she does finally exit the car that he decides to let her have it.

He proceeds to call her a f*ckin bitch and a “thot” and said that’s why you don’t pick up women from the Bronx. At least she did leave and it didn’t get any worse and it’s hard not to feel bad for the guy.

“This is what Uber drivers go through every f*cking day man. People disrespect us and talk shit to us like it’s nothing,” says the driver, looking like it’s just another soul-crushing day at the office.


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