Egypt investigating viral picture of bloke have sex with his missus on top of pyramid

Egypt investigating viral picture of bloke have sex with his missus on top of pyramid

Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and now a couple having a root on top of the Pyramid of Giza. I along with the rest of the world love a good bloody ruse. But is it real or is it fake? Either way it is under investigation by Egyptian authorities. With some claiming photoshop, but Andreas Hvid, the source and star of the image is claiming 100% legit.

I’ve seen some good f*cking photoshopping in my time but I’m happy to throw my two cents in and say it looks legit on face value. Paired with a video of them appearing to scale the wonder of the world under the shroud of darkness. Their high stealth level is hard to argue, avoiding security like they were in an Assassin’s Creed game. Their sneak levels only offset mildly by the happy travel vlog type music to accompany it.

Photoshopping an image is one thing, but doctoring that shaky handheld footage is another. And if at the end of the day is proven to be the case, good on ya! Had us fooled.


Credit: Andreas Hvid

Old mate Andreas Hvid has seen some sh*t, and by the looks of this photo, done a bit of sh*t too. His Instagram profile (Instagram: @andreas.hvid) sets up his goals and objectives pretty f*cking clearly. ‘Urban Exploration, Nude Art and Travel Stuff’. Sums up the deed and accompanying visuals pretty bloody cleanly.

No one could argue that the bloke is off brand and he aint hiding from sh*t. The Youtube link to the ninja climbing adventure is titled ‘Andreas Hvid – Climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza’. Bloke’s got a camera, an appetite for alfresco sexy time and zero f*cks to give.

It does beg the question though, good or bad bloke? If the authorities come to an understanding that it is in fact real, Andreas looks like he will get away pretty clean. He might not be welcomed back with open arms any time soon, due to the nudey pics and in a way saying f*ck you to an ancient civilisation.

Instead the guards/security team who let the cheeky bastards sneak through will probably be the ones thrown under the bus. And that is where it is hard to support this stunt. A cheap giggle but with a bit of thought, probably a bit of a dick move.

Final Thought: But hey, they say good art is polarizing and I’m assuming ‘nude art’ even more so? And maybe we just don’t get it. Either way f*ck it, feels like we’ve talked long enough about a couple who boned on an ancient monument.

What do you think?

H/T: Lad Bible