Mum receives messages of distress from ‘smart’ vacuum cleaner

Mum receives messages of distress from ‘smart’ vacuum cleaner

When it comes to technology, the general rule of thumb is that it’s supposed to make your life easier. That’s why we’re all big fans of smart technology. Yeah, nah, movies like Terminator might posit that artificial intelligence is all bad, but the reality is that s**t rules. Deadset, just consider the humble vacuum cleaner. As a job, it’s a bit of a pain in the arse – but now that we have smart vacuum cleaners, we can just leave them to it and get back to living life to the fullest. Of course, we’ve gotta mention that the technology isn’t perfect yet.

Yeah, nah, and that’s what today’s story is all about. It turns out that today’s vacuum cleaners can move autonomously, they can text, and they can even make us laugh.

Best of all, they can do all this s**t at the same time. Just ask the owner of a vacuum named Mork!

Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

Just the other day, the owner of said vacuum took to the Mums Who Clean Facebook page to share an amusing text her husband had received from the machine.

‘Mork requires your attention. Mork is stuck near a cliff,’ the message said. You don’t have to worry, though, the machine hadn’t grown sick of wallowing in dust, and it wasn’t ready to take a swan dive just yet.

Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

Instead, it had gotten too close to a ledge on the second floor of their home and gotten its wheel stuck. As you can see from the pictures, it’s in a pretty f**ken precarious position, and if it’s as smart as we’ve been led to believe, there’s no wonder it was panicking!

You’ve just gotta hope it’s not too smart, though. You wouldn’t want it using this s**t as a get out of jail free card on a regular basis. Yeah, nah, that’d be s**thouse.

This one thinks it’s a bloody Mummy! Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook

Final thought: Look, we’re big fans of smart technology. There’s nothing better than controlling everything with your bloody phone, but let us know what you like or don’t like about the technology. See you in the Facebook comments, ya legends!

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