Desperate Mum calls 911 at 2am because she couldn’t feed her baby daughter

Credit: Shannon Bird/@birdalamode/Instagram

Desperate Mum calls 911 at 2am because she couldn’t feed her baby daughter

We’re gonna hazard a guess and say that there a might be a few of you out there in the comments section who read a headline like that and get a little bit ticked off. After all, you might be thinking someone would have to be pretty entitled to think the boys in blue are gonna come and deliver milk to them as if they had nothing better to do. Well, you’re wrong. Check out why below…

So, for a bit of context for you, the mum in question, Shannon Bird, was stuck at home with five kids, one of whom had a broken leg, when her newborn decided it was keen for a midnight feed. Now, you may be able to point a finger at Bird and say that she should be prepared for things like this, but as she explains, she usually breastfeeds, but on this occasion, the well had run dry.

Credit: KSL TV/Facebook

“I’ve never been in this predicament ever. My milk just literally dried out. This is my fifth kid and this has never happened,” she said.

Of course, we reckon that anyone complaining about the police ‘wasting’ their resources here would probably also complain about the police ‘revenue-raising’ when they’re booking people for speeding. And, let’s be honest, the cops are there to protect and to serve. In this case, they were serving milk.

Credit: Shannon Bird

What we really like, though, is that the cops didn’t treat this like a nuisance call at all. And we love that because we want police to be people who give two s**ts about other people. We want them to be the kind of legends who want to help others.

And these dudes were definitely that. When they found out the regular milk they’d delivered was no good for a newborn, they went and got formula. Officer Brett Wagstaff told Bird, “That’s the same stuff we gave my daughter when she was first born, so hopefully it doesn’t upset her stomach.”

Credit: Shannon Bird/@birdalamode/Instagram

“I was not expecting them to go get that food for me,” Bird said, explaining that she thought they might just watch the kids while she shot out.

Final thought: As we said above, this is the kinda s**t that’s actually really bloody helpful. If Bird had gone out, and anything had gone wrong, people would be calling for her head. It’s obviously not something the cops should prioritise, but if it’s quiet and they can help, we reckon it’s a perfect little bit of busy-work. What about you lot?

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