Morgan Freeman Narrates Wankers With Selfie Sticks

Morgan Freeman Narrates Wankers With Selfie Sticks

I bow down to the narration of Mr. Morgan Freeman.

He is the master of his domain. Everything I learn, I learn from him. Ok, I’m starting to talk a bit too much shit.


This is pretty funny though.

Morgan was put on the spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live to narrate what folks were up to on the street. He honed in some wankers with self sticks and the narration is fair dinkum hilarious.

Check out the voice over work of this proper legend below:

I love the hint of Old Man Confusion that comes with his narration.

He seems genuinely freaked out and disgusted by the bloody tech-heavy era we’re living in.

For some reason this narration made me feel like going back and watching the auto-tune by Symphony of Science that features Mr. FreemanI love when he tackles science as well as wankers with selfie sticks.

Bloody classic remix that one. Fuck yes for 2011 Morgan Freeman based content.