Insane job description for influencer’s personal assistant goes viral

Insane job description for influencer’s personal assistant goes viral

We all know that the world of the Instawanker is a bloody strange one. Deadset it’s one that nary seems to set a toe – let alone a foot – in the real world, but every now and then we come across stories about these people that just show how out of touch with reality they really are. This time, the story stems from a job description that was posted to While the unidentified Instawanker isn’t exactly asking for free s**t, they’re still making a proper boofhead of themselves.

All right, so without throwing around too much s**t, we’re just gonna highlight some of the key points from this one and let you make your own mind up. Hopefully, you’ll all think what we think, but if we’re honest, we reckon this sort of s**t happens because there are people out there who’ll snap it up.


Anyway, as we mentioned, the Instawanker is unidentified, but they reckon they’ve got over ten-million followers. Still, some of the s**t they’re listing in their job description has been labelled as ‘disgusting’.

The job’s advertised as part-time, but it asks the applicant to be on-site eight hours a day. On top of that, it reckons the successful applicant will have their phone on twenty-four hours a day.


That’s not all, though. For somewhere in the region of twenty – thirty bucks an hour, the advertiser wants the applicant to cook, clean, chauffeur, stay calm at all times, refrain from seeking fame themselves, and organize all of their daily s**t.

And get this bit: “You must be able to be the bad guy, remove emotion, handle intense conversations, and bounce back instantly from any mistakes.” Worse, though, they want you to be sober!

Credit: Twitter/@ACShilton/@Unicorn

Yeah, nah, f**k that.

Final thought: Look, we’ve already said it, but some numpty is gonna snap this up. If you’re reading this, though, don’t f**ken do it. That right there is a one-way ticket to a nightmare job. Anyway, maybe we’re overreacting. Let us know what you think of this job description in the comments section. We’d be interested to know your thoughts.

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