Bloody Awkward Interview With A 110-Year-Old Human

Bloody Awkward Interview With A 110-Year-Old Human

Some people are capable of living very, very, very long fucken lives.

Meet Flossie Dickey. She’s 110 years old and doesn’t give a solitary shit about celebrating her birthday.

The local news anchor for Good Day Spokane in the U.S decided to interview Flossie for her 110th birthday.

I love how old people don’t need to pretend to care. You can simply get to an age where you’re like “yeah nah this is crap” and folks can only get so offended. They gotta respect their elders ey.

Maybe you get tired of seeing time wasted when ya get really old. Why talk in double-speak language or use too many words at all? I dunno. All I know is that I love this video.

Check out the awkwardness and brilliance below:

Flossie is not keen on being used as a good news story at all.

Or…maybe she just doesn’t really know where she is anymore. That’s still quite comedic to be broadcasting someone in that state…comedic in a very dark way of course. I have a twisted sense of humour some days.

I prefer to think she knows exactly what’s going on but just doesn’t wanna commit the time and energy to this interview.

Regardless, good onya Flossie!

I’ll happily give her a Top Sheila of the Week Award.

Big high five for whiskey and naps.