Bloke Snaps His Arm In The Iron Arm Wrestle Competition

Bloke Snaps His Arm In The Iron Arm Wrestle Competition

Yeah nah yeah this video is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty morbid, but provides a fascinating look into live TV gone wrong.

A legend on reddit sent it my way for some commentary. Unfortunately, I worry a bit these days about doing direct uploads of content that could potentially be deemed too graphic on FB and YT. Videos being taken down is already a headache at Ozzy Man Studios. I gotta lay low for a while.

Bloody thankfully…my blog gives me a little more leeway and freedom!

I’ll give the video a share on here in its pure form. WARNING: You can here a bone snap and it will make ya go “ARRGHHHHHH!”

You’ve been warned…

Video of the horrific arm wrestle is below:

I dunno how I ever missed that one going around last year. Maybe I should be glad I missed it. I’m so sorry I just put you through that. Nah you can handle it.

We can at least conjure a smidgen of levity from the gruesome situation by acknowledging the irony of this competition being called “Iron Arm”. Clearly needs a rebrand.

This video has triggered a tempting idea to do a compilation review of Live TV Gone Wrong videos.

If you know of some live TV gone wrong moments shoot some links through to me on FB.